Parking Vouchers

Parking Vouchers
1 day free

You are keen on using our car parks more than once a year. Interparking offers you convenient packages such as “One-Day” / “Two-Days” vouchers or even “Several-Days” ones. These vouchers allow you to come and go at will.

Why should I Buy a Parking Voucher?

For those who need parking spaces for several days, our Parking Vouchers are the solution. Indeed, you will be able to enter and exit our car parks as much as you want within a defined time period, for a fixed price.


When you are in the car park, go straight to the front desk to get your Parking Voucher. To use your Parking Voucher and the advantages it gives you, you have to pay for it immediately. Then, you will be able to enter and exit the car park as much as you want. Nevertheless, if you park your car outside the defined period you will have to pay the difference.


The Advantages of the Parking Vouchers:

-No need for cash

-Easy access to high-quality car parks

-Enter and exit the car park for a fixed price

-Flexible parking service, without subscription