Parking Place Morgan (Salon de Provence)

Main entrance address:

66, Allée de la Liberté, 13300 Salon-de-Provence

Total places310
Places for disabled7
Places for motorcycles8
Maximal height1.9 m
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Practical information

Located in the heart of Provence (30 min from Aix en Provence, 45 min from Marseille).

Morgan Place Parking in Salon de Provence welcomes you to a new life and leisure complex overlooking the castle of Emperi. It allows drivers to access directly to the new part of the Morgan Place. You will find the shopping centre, kiosks, bars, restaurants, bowling, gym ...


Normal tariff

15 minutes€ 0,50
30 minutes€ 1,00
45 minutes€ 1,40
1 hour€ 1,60
3 hours€ 5,60
1 day€ 13,90

Flat rate

3 days€ 25,00
7 days€ 35,00
14 days€ 50,00
30 days€ 90,00

Be advised : please ask any flat rate at the reception desk or call 24/7 the interphones on arrival !

Normal1 month€ 61,00
Normal3 months€ 171,00
Normal1 year€ 612,00
Motorcycle1 month€ 37,00
Motorcycle3 months€ 106,00
Motorcycle1 year€ 367,00

 Commitment 12 mounths minimum.

Several subscription offers are available. For more information, please contact our call center : (no surcharge).

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Phone: 09 70 140 111